Twenty-Eighteen: My New Year Resolutions

It’s out with the olddd and in with the newwww *queue Sharpay impersonation*… HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! I still can’t quite believe it’s 2018. TWENTY. EIGHTEEN. When did that happen?!

I don’t know what you did to celebrate but my boyfriend and I went out to eat Chinese and I ate so much I couldn’t move (because it there really any other way to bring in the new year?)…Anyway, here are my goals for this year:

Keep growing in confidence

Care less

Eat healthier (remember those things called fruit and veg?)

Find/keep an exercise routine

Be more independant

Handle finances better (AKA stop spending money on jumpers I don’t need…)

Find a new hobby – maybe embroidery?

Read more – inc. blogs AND books

Continue learning German

Celebrate every success, even the little ones

I like to have a mix of short-term and long-term goals to keep me motivated throughout the year because I can get bored/disheartened very easily. As long as I’m aiming for SOMETHING, then I’m happy!

This might not have been that interesting for you but I love hearing about other people’s goals – I tried to make this post colourful so that it would be nicer for you to scroll through (congrats if you made it to the end – I owe you a coffee)…Let me know what YOUR New Year Resolutions are and if you think you’ll keep them up!

– J


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