A Commuter’s List Of Underground Pet Peeves


I live in London and as super convenient, useful and NECESSARY the tube may be, it is definitely the source of many annoyances! If you are someone who does any of the things I am about to mention then just don’t use public transport please and thank you…

‘Space Invaders’ should all be banned from sticking their boney elbows into my arm…I’ve battled hard for this seat and I don’t want to share it with you or your newspaper. I was once sat next to a man who leant so far to the side that he may as well have put his head on my shoulder – not okay. 

People who yawn loudly AND don’t cover their mouth make my skin crawl. It’s just not right and no one likes people breathing on them ESPECIALLY when they have morning breath…

Late trains – need I continue?

‘Selfish Sitters’ are the people who don’t give up their seat for someone who needs it more. I just don’t get how anyone can look at a pregnant woman or elderly human and think ‘nevermind’.

People who stare make me feel sooo uncomfortable, it’s just RUDE. I’ve encountered quite a few of them and I don’t even think they blink. Either way, with or without eyelids, there is no need to observe anyone for that long.

The ‘Music Monsters’ of the world need to invest in some earphones. Honestly, no one wants to hear the trashy music playing out of your phone. I will personally PAY you to buy earphones.

Those are just a handful of things that really bother me during my commute but, of course, not every journey is horrendous! Have you ever encountered any of these things? What things bother you when you’re travelling?

– J


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