What’s On My Wishlist: ASOS Appreciation

*Disclaimer: The photos included in this post have been taken from their respective sites and I do not claim them as my own.*

As always, I’ve been scrolling through ASOS and thought I’d share my latest picks with you. Usually, I like a mixture of brands on here but today’s favourites are all ASOS own-brand.


I’ve been longing to add a bit of leopard print to my wardrobe but I’ve not found anything I am IN LOVE with until now…Maybe it’s my obsession with pink which draws me to this Brushed Animal Print Jumper but isn’t it fab?


This Red Ruffle Top seems so floaty and comfortable – wouldn’t it look ahhhmazing with tight black jeans and black, embellished ankle boots?

I’ve also been on the hunt for a blouse that doesn’t make me feel old or like I’m in school again and this Cropped Mono Print Shirt fits the bill perfectly! I’ve purchased so many colourful items recently, I think it’s time for a lil’ bit of monochrome.


If I could buy a pair of trousers in every single colour right now, I would! I really like the colour and design of these Tailored Culottes With Notch Waist – I’d probably wear this exact outfit actually!


The athletic look has been really popular, so I’ve added these Side Stripe Leggings because they would go with almost everything I own – maybe even that crazy pink jumper I bought from & Other Stories!


Another popular trend to surface is star print – maybe people will only wear it during December BUT I’d enjoy wearing this Star Print Skater Skirt all year round! Plus, IT HAS POCKETS (I know, I know)!


Going back to the ‘athletic look’, I thought this Midi Skirt With Sport Stripe would be another great addition. I’ve been saying this for a while now but I’m in real need of a smart-casual looking midi skirt and this would look fab with an oversized jumper loosely tucked in!

And, of course, here’s a Blue Denim Skirt because this is a classic that everyone needs in their wardrobe! For the winter weather, I’d wear this with a white roll-neck jumper and a warm coat.


For anyone else with small and narrow feet who long to find a pair of sling-backs that won’t fly off your feet, this is for you. Okay, so these Lola Ballet Flats aren’t technically sling-backs but they WILL stay on thanks to the ankle strap – also, I think the silver is a nice little touch.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 16.27.10

These Star And Moon Trainers kinda remind me of some sneakers & Other Stories has. I’m really enjoying metallics at the moment and the details on these are super cute!


So, these Eye And Eyelash Rings aren’t in stock anymore but I couldn’t leave them off my list – I love fun rings like these, so ASOS PLEASE RESTOCK THEM!


Belts are the sort of accessory I’ve never really bothered with before but ASOS have some really cool ones! The Leopard And Double Circle Belt and Ring And Bar Detail Waist Belt look GREAT and add a

I THINK that’s everything…There are a few other bits on my list BUT they’re boring essentials like plain t-shirts, so I didn’t bother including them. I’d love to know what’s in your ASOS basket!

– J


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