Morning Routine: Wake Up With Me!

Ahh mornings – some people love them, some people hate them. Usually, once I’m up then I’m fine and super wide awake BUUT there are definitely days when I consider never leaving the comfort of my duvet ever again…

I work part-time but always pick up extra shifts during the week which means my hours are never the same. But on days when I’m not working an early shift, I like to get up by 8.30AM – admittedly this doesn’t always happen but I try!

I set my alarm for 8.15AM and once it goes off, I have 15 minutes to slowly wake up – normally, I let the TV play in the background and scroll through my phone for a bit.


When I get out of bed, I head straight to the shower. It’s my FAVOURITE place in the mornings because, whilst I shower and feel refreshed, I also set a game plan for that day – I think about what I want to have achieved by the evening and go through anything that’s worrying me. Once I’m out of the shower, I feel really focused and ready to take on the day!



I try to avoid lounging in PJs (she says, as she types this post in her fluffy dressing gown…) because they make me feel sleepy! I’m much more productive when I’m wearing an outfit and, as a lover of fashion, clothes are like my ‘office wear’ for productive days at home!

I also can’t function properly if I haven’t washed my face with my favourite Neutrogena face wash – I’ve mentioned this in several posts, so you can read one of them here to find out why it’s so great! If I feel like putting on make-up, this is when I will do it but on days when I’m not going anywhere, I won’t usually bother.


Finally, I’ll grab some breakfast if there’s time. Sometimes I won’t get a chance if I’m off to work that morning but I do try to eat something because otherwise I won’t have the energy to do much – a small yoghurt or banana are always good when you’re in a hurry!

That’s really it for my morning routine – I don’t do an awful lot and I’m usually finished by 9.30AM which I think is pretty good! Comment below if you’re more of a morning person or night owl – what’s the first thing you do once you’ve got out of bed?

– J


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